INNOBA ... founded in 2019 by David who in his years of life has

had the opportunity to learn about different materials and how

to handle them correctly.
Aluminum, Plastic, Steel, Inox, Wood and Concrete have virtually

no secrets for the inspirer of INNOBA.

We always say that each material has its strengths but also its weaknesses and therefore each material should be used in the places where it makes sense.
A product made out of one specific material will not give problems but a concept will most likely consist of a combination of materials.

After a turbulent period that many self-employed people

will know very well,

David has realized that the sometimes stubborn thought of

"what I do myself, I do better"

is not the best way to grow a business.
This has prompted him to change course in 2022 and to

attract the right people to himself and INNOBA.
These people are all specialists in what they are responsible for which makes the team of INNOBA unique.

Our greatest strengths are that from the first sketch over the visualization through the production and sales over the own logistic solutions to the delivery and or installation we have everything in our own hands and management.
This makes it easier for many of our customers as they only have one contact person and the communication can be kept very short.

A chain is as strong as its weakest link.

A strong chain requires a uniform link.

Let this uniformity be exactly what the team of INNOBA stands for.